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About Us

theXchange began in 2002 to create an invaluable service provider network for the business community, where premium collection attorneys, collection agencies and industry vendors benefited through its global exposure and the business community benefited by being able to easily access profile information on collection providers which could not be found anywhere else on the internet. We found that the process undertaken by a company to find a premium collection agency or collection attorney was extremely difficult and very time consuming. So why not create a company that could manage the process of bringing these companies together into one simple format?

Who Benefits?

theXchange is an extensive service provider network tailored to save time and money for the business community. Any business can easily benefit by accessing the only resource available on the internet that gives them the information they need to know about collection providers and vendors, instead of having to filter through a complex menagerie of websites in different states and countries on the internet. We strive to be the most comprehensive resource on the internet for any business who wishes to obtain the services of a premium collection provider or that of an industry vendor.

We created a high traffic advertising portal to enable collection attorneys, collection agencies and industry vendors to reach prospective clients easily on a global basis. 

Who benefits? You do, if you are a member of theXchange!



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